We believe the value of storytelling lies in the quality of the listening…

which is why podcasts are our specialty.  Because we believe the shape of a person’s story ultimately depends on the listening of another person,  we not only function as an audio production house with an ear for quality sound, but as a place to help you find and tell the stories often hidden in plain sight within yourself or your brand.

Even before creating podcasts, we’ve always believed in the importance of uncovering stories. Both of our Co-Founders, Jerome Deroy (CEO) and Terence Mickey (Executive Producer), have long histories of helping people craft their stories. Over a decade ago, Jerome received a shoebox from Oscar-nominated documentarian Murray Nossel and his friend, psychiatrist Paul Browde. It was filled with papers. They’d documented their storytelling method over the years, and Jerome saw inside the shoebox a potential company he helped develop into Narativ, which has worked with international companies around the world to help them discover their stories. Terence worked at the Moth, in both the Corporate and Community Programs, where he helped everyone from Fortune 500 leaders to recovering addicts find their stories.

Both Jerome and Terence have been privileged to work with people all over the world and the stories they uncovered challenged and changed them. Then one day they asked: “Why don’t we share these stories beyond workshops? Could we give people the opportunity to connect with listeners on a broader level?” Essentially, they wanted to find a way to have incredible stories heard as widely as possible.

We took our expert storytelling team, built a recording booth and jumped into the world of podcasting.

Terence Mickey created our first show, Memory Motel. His first episode told the story of Rachel Stephenson, a friend he met in a Narativ workshop. Then we developed another podcast hosted by Katie Shepherd called What’s Happening Here, a show that documents pivotal moments in people’s lives before we were then brought on to produce Julia Bainbridge’s podcast The Lonely Hour. Now, our curiosity has us finding and sharing stories from any and everywhere.

With three original podcasts in the world, we wanted to help others craft and share their stories, which is how The Listening Booth started. Our booth door is open to collaborate with individuals and companies to produce original, branded and internal podcasts. Maybe you want to share your own story with the world. Maybe it’s your company’s story you want to communicate. Maybe you are looking for a way to build community within your organization. Whatever your need is, we believe podcasts are an effective way to connect you to your story and your story to your audience.

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