The Once-Christian Musician: David Bazan

Episode 22  / The Lonely Hour

I’ve long wanted to put together an episode exploring loneliness and creativity. Artists, perhaps especially writers, as we explored in season one, often need to be alone to produce their best work. When my team and I set out to find a subject to interview for the show, our producer, Chris McCleod suggested musician David Bazan.

David is a singer/songwriter who spends about half the year on tour. He used to do this with a band, most notably Pedro The Lion, but over the last few years, David’s solo work has gained momentum. So that means more time, well, solo.

I handed the reins over to Chris for this interview, not only because he’s a longtime fan, but also because, like David, Chris comes from an evangelical Christian background. Stick with us and you’ll find this interview takes a pretty mind-blowing turn.

The Lonely Hour

The Lonely Hour podcast is an exploration of the feeling of loneliness, solitude, and other kinds of aloneness.