From my voice, you cannot tell my age, my hair or eye color, my height, my sexual orientation, my race, my class, my political affiliation, whether I have acne or a hunch, whether I’m big or small. You cannot make a quick judgement based on what I look like. You have to listen before you judge, and with that small window of openness, audio has the power to create empathy and change perceptions. What you hear is joy in my laughter, fear in my short breath, sadness in my choking up. You hear my humanity. This is the power of podcasting.

Our work is to help each client discover the story that already exists inside the walls, the brand, the hearts of your employees, and then express it beautifully.

Why podcasts?

They have a large (98 million) affluent ($75k and above) and educated (college degree or higher) audience who appreciates the medium’s:

  • intimacy – from the reviews of our original shows, we know people feel close to the speaker, like their best friend is talking in their ear.
  • innovative storytelling – the top ranked podcasts tell stories.
  • time-efficiency – in 30 minutes or less you can be transported.
  • conversation – people respond to podcasts hosts and episodes because they know they’ll be heard.
  • and convenience – you can consume a podcast while going for a run, doing the dishes, or taking the train to work.

And for you, a podcast is the most cost-efficient way to directly connect on a deep level with this growing audience.

Why use TLB to create your podcast?

We’re expert listeners who believe you’re an expert storyteller (even if you don’t know it yet). Our listening and production savvy will connect you to your story and your story to the world. Our original podcasts – Memory Motel, The Lonely Hour, What’s Happening Here – have all been must-listens for “Wired,” “The Guardian,” “The Independent,” “IndieWire,” “OUT Magazine,” “AFAR,” Spotify, Australia’s “Listening Ahead” podcast, iTunes’ New And Noteworthy, and others.

We’re creative problem solvers, and we see podcasts as a solution to a lot of critical communication problems:

  • sharing complex information in a clear and sticky way: an audio story can break down complex information and transform facts into compelling narrative
  • advertising without selling – you can talk with your customer instead of at, creating a conversation instead of a pitc
  • breaking down biases: when we cannot see but only hear, we’re more likely to empathize with who we might have otherwise judged

We’re insanely curious, and our strength as a production company is our curiosity. Because of that we have the ability to excavate stories from the most unlikely places and reluctant storytellers.

We’re storytellers and listeners, and understanding the relationship between the two, we find and craft stories that lead to conversations. And conversations engage your audience, attract new listeners and grow your brand.

If you want people to engage with your content, work with us to spark and sustain your connection to them. We don’t only bring your story to life and share it with the world, we listen first, to hear what’s true to you and what will resonate with who you’re trying to reach.

Why do you need a branded podcast?

Audiences now pick and choose what they consume. They skip ads and customize their attention toward what captivates them. Podcasts offer people a wide-range of content, and when they hear a good story, they return and stay connected and create a dialogue with the creators. Branded podcasts are a cost-effective way for organizations to create meaningful conversations with their audiences. Let us be your creators.

The quality of podcasts vary, from two people sitting next to a microphone riffing for an hour on any topic, or an incredibly produced experience that takes you on an auditory journey. Storytelling is hard and time-consuming, but there is no better way to capture people’s attention, to emotionally connect, to make critical information sticky. The Listening Booth is driven by curiosity, connection and quality. We want to create content that your audiences return to, share and talk about with their communities. And we ultimately want them to come back to you with a story of their own.